Barga-27Ron and Doris married July 15, 1967. Ron grew up in a farm house 3 miles East of Ansonia. Doris was no stranger to hard work, as she grew on a large poultry operation near Versailles. Ron, his father Si, and his two brothers, Jeff and Dennis, farmed about 500 to 1,500 acres of corn and soybeans in the late 60’s and 70’s. After many years and many hours of hard labor, the family farm has grown into over 7,000 acres of land. On the homestead sits a chicken house that holds 65,000 laying hens. The Barga home is outside of Ansonia. Ron and Doris have eight children, 6 boys & 2 girls. From oldest to youngest;

Randy and Janel married September 3, 1994. They have four children; Hannah, Aliya, Isaac, and Emma. Randy works on the family farm and Janel works for Cooper Farms as office manager. They live outside of Ansonia.

Brad and Mandy married August 5, 2000. They have three children; Molly, Nicholas, and Anne May. BradBarga-14
works on the family farm and Mandy works as a mail carrier. They remodeled the farm house at the main farm during the summer of ’07 and live there now.

Galen has four children; Courtney, Nathan, Zachary, and Dia. Galen is an aero-nautical engineer. He joined the Air Force out of high school and then received his degree from the University of Cincinnati. He works for Cummins and lives in Columbus, IN.

Annette currently lives in Toledo, OH. She received her Master’s degree in Deaf Education from Lamar Universit
y(Beaumont, TX) in May ’08. She received her Bachlor’s degree from Gallaudet University (Washington, DC). Annette teaches American Sign Language at Bowling Green University.

Lee works on the family farm as poultry manager of the chicken house. Lee lives outside of Ansonia on the old farmstead.

Ron II and Jess married January 24, 2004. Ron graduated from Wilmington College in 2002 and operates his own business called Premier Crop Insurance. Jess is a stay at home mother after working in nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital. They have six children; Matthew, Rosanna, Charlotte, Claire, Leo, and Jessa. They live near Ansonia.

Darrick and Rachel married April 13, 2013. Darrick graduated from Wilmington College. Darrick works in Barga_FamilyClient Services at Ag Protect 1. Rachel works as a bank teller for Greenville National Bank. They live near Ansonia and have two children, Christian and Samuel with a third child on the way.

Maria also graduated from Wilmington College and received her degree in Business. She married Allan King Jr on September 8, 2007 and they live in Wilmington, OH. Maria works at the farm and Allan is the assistant girls basketball coach at Wilmington College. They have five children; Lily, Trey, Si, Grace and Hadley.

For those that don’t know, it is spelled B-A-R-G-A and is pronounced ‘BAR-GE’.